At the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering (PME), we forge partnerships across the University of Chicago’s campus, the nation, and the globe. Pritzker Molecular Engineering collaborates with research institutions, industry, and the global molecular engineering community. Our partners, within the University and beyond, enable our students and faculty to pursue interdisciplinary science and engineering with the finest researchers, facilities, and resources.

Argonne National Laboratory

Our partnership with Argonne National Laboratory, which dates back to PME’s founding, creates world-class opportunities for students and faculty. Argonne boasts leading scientists, technology, and facilities like the Advanced Photon Source, the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility, and the Center for Nanoscale Materials. Our faculty, many with joint appointments at Argonne, collaborate with the lab’s researchers. This vital partnership strengthens PME, Argonne, UChicago, and the Chicago community.

Argonne’s Center for Molecular Engineering (CME) facilitates the collaborative relationship between Argonne and PME. The school has always been a joint endeavor between the University and Argonne, and CME keeps the link between them strong as each one expands into new territories in science and engineering.

University partners

PME’s partnerships with sister programs at UChicago invigorate both the school and the University. At PME, we build these partnerships to expand our capabilities while complementing our strengths. Together, we can boost the collective impact of PME and every research program we collaborate with.

Our partnership with Chicago Booth’s Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation fuels collaboration on innovative devices and technologies. With its focus on new venture creation, the Polsky Center also bolsters PME’s entrepreneurial efforts.

Some of the most exciting research at PME has medical applications – at the cellular level and beyond. We partner with the Institute for Translational Medicine to put this research to work, transforming how clinicians diagnose and treat their patients.

Learn more about each of our UChicago partners below.

External partners

The school’s partnerships outside the University can be just as beneficial. We partner with a number of international universities, broadening our global perspective. And on a local level, our relationship with Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry offers students the opportunity to practice their science communications skills during Junior Science Cafés and floor shows.

PME’s external partners include: