Current Students

Newly Admitted Graduate Students

Congratulations on your admission to the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering (PME) at the University of Chicago! We are delighted at the prospect of you joining the community at Pritzker Molecular Engineering. 

This page will guide you through the first steps all incoming graduate students typically take from admission to the program through matriculation. 

The PME Dean of Students Office is your first stop as you navigate through the school and the many offices and programs across the University. If you have questions or concerns along the way, please contact Dean of Students David Taylor.

We also recommend that recently admitted graduate students review Life at UChicago and the admitted graduate students Facebook page.

First Steps to Take After Admission

Students who accept their offers of admission will receive their University of Chicago student ID (UCID) numbers by email in mid-May. Once you have been assigned a UCID number, you may request the creation of your CNetID, which serves as the basis of your email address. It is also used as your account name or login ID to access University networks and email accounts. Please create your CNetID as soon as possible after receiving your UCID number from us.

Recently admitted international students should review the Office of International Affairs website after their acceptance of admission to PME for an overview of the F-1 or J-1 visa process.

The PME will contact admitted international students at the appropriate time to initiate the I-20 (for an F-1 visa) or DS-2019 (for a J-1 visa) request process. For Autumn Quarter entry, this process usually begins in late April. Most students receive the necessary forms in June and July, about two to three months before the beginning of the academic year, which allows time for them to schedule an interview appointment at the US consulate or embassy to apply for the visa prior to travel.

Please do not submit any documents until you are requested to do so. Please be prepared to submit:

  • A copy of your passport ID page/s. If you have dependents, submit copies of their passport ID pages as well;
  • A Financial Resources Statement (FRS), usually available in early May for Autumn start dates;
  • Proof of English proficiency.

International students whose TOEFL sub-score in speaking is below 26 should also plan to attend the four-week Academic English Pre-Matriculation Program. Qualifying students will receive an invitation to participate and additional details from PME in the weeks following their acceptance of the admission offer.

The University of Chicago strives to support the academic and personal needs of each individual and is committed to facilitating the full participation of students with a disability in University life. Visit the PME's Disability Accommodations page to learn about PME and University policies, responsibilities, and resources for students with disabilities.

Privileges may be extended to a student's spouse/same-gender domestic partner and/or dependent child(ren) for the following:

  • Access to the University Student Health Insurance Plan (U-SHIP)
  • Access to fitness/recreation (via Ratner Athletic Center/Henry Crown memberships)
  • Access to campus libraries (spouses/same-gender domestic partners only)
  • Receive a University ID card (spouses/same-gender domestic partners only)

If a student wishes to enroll their spouse/same-gender domestic partner and/or child(ren) in U-SHIP, the student will need to complete the online U-SHIP enrollment process each academic year for each individual needing insurance coverage by the appropriate deadlines.  Students will be informed by the insurance carrier of any documentation needed to verify dependent status. 

In order to obtain access to recreational facilities, libraries, and/or ID cards, the student will need to present appropriate documentation (e.g., marriage license, proof of civil union, or approved Statement of Domestic Partnership for partnerships registered prior to July 1, 2017) at the appropriate office below:

  • Athletics and Recreation - Ratner Athletic Center, 5530 South Ellis Ave., Front Desk
  • Library and ID card - Regenstein Library, ID Privileges Office, 1100 East 57th St., 1st floor (student must accompany spouse/same-gender domestic partner and the student’s library account must be in good standing)

A student must be married or be in a civil union in order to receive privileges for their spouse or partner. Following the landmark 2015 U.S. Supreme Court ruling legalizing same sex marriage, the University revised its same-gender domestic partner privileges policy to reflect the change in law. As such, privileges will be extended to a student’s same-gender domestic partner only if the domestic partnership was registered with the University (via Human Resources or Campus and Student Life) prior to July 1, 2017.

Housing options include privately managed apartments in Hyde Park and other city neighborhoods and graduate student housing, which are university-owned apartments located in Hyde Park. You can find more information about housing options by visiting the Grad Housing Resources website.

New graduate student orientation takes place prior to the start of Autumn Quarter. The incoming cohort learns about the people, practices, and policies of our school and get the opportunity to meet and potentially match with advisers, explore what research our labs are doing during poster sessions, and have a little fun during social events. Academic advising and Autumn Quarter course registration take place during the same week. We will send details about orientation and course offerings via email over the summer.

All University of Chicago students are required by state law to demonstrate immunity to certain diseases. You can find information about required immunizations from UChicago Student Wellness. Students are also required to have US-based health insurance. Visit the UChicago Student Wellness website to learn about the University's student health insurance plan (U-SHIP).