Unlike traditional schools with departments, researchers at the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering (PME) work together in interdisciplinary themes focused on issues that impact humanity and quality of life.

Our themes lead advancements in quantum engineering, biotechnology and immunoengineering, advanced materials, energy storage, and ensuring a clean global water supply.

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In this theme, we seek not only to understand how the body's immune system works, but to change how it works for the better. 

Progress in this area could lead to improved treatment—and ultimately prevention—of a number of conditions, including cancer, infections, allergies, and auto-immune diseases.


Materials Systems for Sustainability and Health

The future of our planet and the quality of human life depend on engineering sustainable solutions for water and energy problems and developing new materials to promote advances in health care.

From extracting elements from seawater, to synthesizing polymers with bio-inspired, autonomous properties, to engineering self-assembled materials that prevent and treat disease, our cutting-edge research is leading the way.


Quantum Engineering

Quantum computing has the potential to accelerate the advance of computing power beyond Moore’s law.

Quantum engineering could also lead to “unhackable” communications through quantum cryptography and a new class of ultra-sensitive detectors for biological and chemical sensing.


Arts, Sciences and Technology

True to our interdisciplinary nature, Pritzker Molecular Engineering supports the cultivation of meaningful collaboration between scientific and artistic inquiry.

We seek to challenge the manner in which researchers and artists approach their respective practices.